Now your Child can be a part of India’s One of the best Pre-School.

Our School is based on the ideal of integral education. It’s sets the Faith in teachers and children to come and grow together to Light the lamp of Knowledge.

Our aim to provide an environment which facilitator’s the development of children in a manner that is full-filled creative and stimulating. We are constantly innovating and adopting new practices based on the Recommendations of our global team of education experts. Our young learners to grow into thinkers, innovators, life long learners, leaders and problem solvers. So if you wish for your Child to be Smart and happy GURU DARPAN SCHOOL in the Right choice of place for you and for your child.

Our Facilities

Audio Visual

Kids Enjoy Watching animated videos. Base On Moral Stories and Education.

Motor Activities

just Little floor space, your child will enjoy these Activities. poking straws in to holes. pasta, necklaces, weaving around card board, Dancing, Hopping.

Break Time

A Period of rest and having yummy food till tummy full.

Quality Lessons

Students are engaged in appropriate learning activities for a large percentage of Class time.

Education Activities

Fun Learning activities for kids, learning Phonics basics, Practice writing, Idetify colours, Devlop Counting skill, Teach Maths.

Rhymes Times

A Strong pattern of Sound, Words, or Musical notes that is used in music, Poetry and Dancing. Kids Enjoy this lot.

Our main vision, we follow the best practices in field of education and goal to be come up with the best person learning kit.

Our goal setting, has been to encourage and support the complete development of all Our young ones, and to give them opportunities to discover and develop their potential. We prepare our leaners for more rewarding and challenging futures.

Our mission is to make high qualities education accessible and affordable to all. We strive to promote holistic growth by taking in to account, the Kids physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs.

Our purpose to make learners to grow into thinkers, innovators, Life long learners, Leaders and problem solvers.

We believe education is incomplete without teaching kindness and happiness and other such positive value. Our traing mechanism is designed to our teachers with practical and effective techniques, innovating and adopting new practices based on the recommendations of our global team of education experts.

Parents prefer us because we teach their children how to be compassionate. We nurture goodness, we value happiness, We celebrate your Child’s unique trait all of this is covered in our Pre-School learning kit.

So if you wish for your child to be smart and happy. GURU DARPAN SCHOOL is the right place for you.

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Rashmi Dhimani

Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh

My son is attending this school as well. If you have any doubts please go and see and they will put you at ease.

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Kajal Vaidya

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

My daughter has attended “Guru Darpan School” for above one years now. She absolutely loves the school and the staff.

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Anil Sharma

Nagda-khachrod, Ujjjain, Madhya Pradesh

Though it is a small school, it allows for a lower student to teacher ratio, giving children more confidence when asking questions,

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Mahesh Verma

Praygarj, Uttar Pradesh

Our experience at "Guru Darpan School" has been exceptional. The teachers are truly invested in my children’s education and their growth as learners.

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Pragati Singh

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Smaller class sizes, teachers who care, and my daughter actually likes to learn at “Guru Darpan School”. Wonderful with special needs.

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Ravi Maurya

Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh

The teachers are super sweet and amazing. I’ve never worried about might son while he’s under their care and guidance.

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Prashant Patel

Rajkot, Gujarat

Our daughter has learned so much since being enrolled here! She’s grown tremendously knowledge wise in her first year being enrolled.

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